New Adventure Awaits

The calendar once again starts anew and we take our first steps into the new year. As a beach loving brand, we are already longing for the warm sunny days of summer, but we always strive to impart the importance of these quiet winter months. These colder, shorter days are avery important time for rest and reflection. This is a valuable window of time we can use to look back over the past year......what we accomplished (gratitude), what we can continue to improve upon (growth), and what we can dream into reality for our future (manifestation). This season affords us time to just sit and be wth ourselves - to rest and heal our bodies, to make adjustments and plans, and to reboot any areas of our lives that may need some extra attention. For us specifically? We use this time to soak in a healing bath, do some intentional work with candles, collect and admire natures seasonal gifts, and immerse ourselves in books that transport us to other worlds, times and landscapes.

Where will your internal travels take you this winter and where will you emerge in the Spring?