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Winter Mood - Iceland

rest * reflection * rebuilding

Here at the studio we strive to live within the present moment and thereby encourage our clients to travel with us purposefully throughout the wheel of the year.  As January crests we oftentimes view this as a beginning or a fresh start — while this is even more tempting considering the past year, we’ve purposely shifted our mood to a dark landscape to remind us that these cold winter months are not a time for jumping off the mark, vigorous exercise, harsh detoxing or fasting, but more inclined toward rest and rejuvenation (this is why some animals hibernate this time of year).

During these times of depletion (ie - sun, outdoor exposure, less sun exposed vegetation in our diets) we should follow natures cue and spend this time in a state of rest, repair and observation.  These next couple of months provide a tremendous opportunity of time to reflect upon our past year(s), engage in some very gentle and subtle detoxification practices and ultimately prepare ourselves to emerge with a renewed vibrancy in the Spring.  This is a time to show ourselves some kindness and repose.

We chose Iceland because although this gorgeously moody landscape is often veiled in grey clouds and cooler weather, its inhabitants thrive……plant life including nutrient rich mosses and lichens as well as adaptogenic flowers and herbs have found a way to grow and develop healing power in the absence of light.  It can inspire us to do the same.

We’ve curated a collection of new bath, beauty, and self care products to allow us to embrace the utterly deep beauty found within the dark, quiet months — these products nourish us using native botanicals that thrive and adapt in these conditions and help us heal, rest, and be better prepared for the more active months ahead.

This is a time to really take pause in the quiet moments — soak in a vitamin and mineral rich bath to absorb much needed nutrients, brush, exfoliate and hydrate our skin so that it breathes properly, and eat simple foods that nourish (root vegetables, warming spices, hearty greens)… to read, to write, to dream, but above all to embrace the expanse of quiet while the natural world rests around us.  The more that we, as human beings, take these clues from nature, the more harmonically we live.

Now is the time to slow . . . we imagine ourselves as a giant sleeping goddess who nurtures the earth with her body and soul — feeding the birds, planning for the spring sowing and healing her wounds as well as those around her within her dreams . . . her power growing stronger every day as the veil of Spring approaches.

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