The Path Between the Seasons

As we approach the Autumnal Equinox it becomes very apparent that we are in a period of transition. The daylight is shifting and we are nudged with the curiousity of cooler days and leaves beginning to fall. This is a very special period in the year -- the not quite Fall/not quite Summer timeframe that prompts our most delicate senses to sit up and take notice ........ change is on the way. This is a truly favorable time to spend time outdoors, to connect with nature and to feel the almost tangible thread between our outer changes and inner changes. Harvest season is a time for preparation - every critter under the sun knows to prepare for the coming winter months as they begin their busy work collecting food and supplies. This is a perfect time to feather your own nest, or to build a Fall season altar with all of the natural gifts the earth affords us this time of year. It is season to create comfort, to prepare for deeper introspection and most importantly, to give thanks for all of the gifts we have around us. This is a profound time to create and indulge in community before the colder months ahead when people tend to be more isloated. Gather with family, friends, and neighbors around the hearth or fire - share food, laughter, and stories ........ spread love and spread light. Give thanks -- enfold your tribe and keep them warm while the whispers of the Harvest Season bring us the secrets of the universe and connect all who take the time to listen. There is knowledge and truth upon every breeze.