Fall 2021 - Into the Woods

Fall is the most magickal of seasons, and my personal favorite. As we come out of the long, warm summer days we start to see a slight shift in the daylight, a lighter crispness to the air and a shift toward readying our homes for the coziness that the colder months bring. Fall is a time for preparation. Traditionally a period of celebrating the harvest, filling our stores with food, firewood, and all of the things that will bring us comfort during the coldest months of the year. Moreoever, it is one of the most optimal times to connect with nature. While the warmth and high sky sunshine of summer provide us endless hours of daylight and the comfort of sunlight on our skin, Fall leads us to long for connection with the trees, the changing of leaves, the bounty of cooler weather crops, and the smell of woodsmoke and spices in the air. This is an amazing time of year to be at one with the outdoors - take in some Forest Bathing, walking in wooded areas to feel and connect with the harmony and pulse of the earth. This is an inert connection that we all share with the planet -- spending time in the quiet of nature (away from traffic and noise created by humans) is an incredibly healing and grounding practice. It creates a vibrational harmony and sense of peace within us that only the heartbeat of the earth can offer. Our Fall collection has been selected to offer products that will enhance this harmony and is desiged to represent the sensory richness that is Fall. We encourage you to take the time to be at ease, to feel and listen to the breeze and the rustling of the trees and the wisdom of nature as it prepares for a restful sleep. It is an integral part of all of us and we can benefit and thrive tremendously from following its wisdom.

Stephanie - Studio Copal