Spring 2022 - Possibilities . . .

Spring may well be the most anticipated season of the year for most creatures. It's a time for us to emerge from our cocoons and step out into the warm embrace of nature. As the winter months provide us with an opportunity for rest and reflection, the Spring is a time of exploration, growth and possibilities.

" deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light" - Theodore Roethke

As we anxiously step back into the world after our respite, it's important to remember 2 things. This is the season of birth, renewal and coming to life. It's a time when so many possibilities lie before us. . . a time to believe that anything is available to us and to have the confidence that we can go out and achieve our dreams.

The sunshine nourishes growth - it's time to bloom!!

The second thing to consider is all that you ruminated on over the winter. Think about where you were this time last year, how you've grown since then and where that progress has taken you. Reflect on what you've accomplished, what you've learned about yourself, and what redirections you are ready to make. More importantly, take a moment to regard and admire the person you are becoming. We each, in ourselves, are a beautiful garden that we are constantly tending -- nourishing our soil, removing the weeds of things that no longer serve us, and constantly, constantly editing. We are works of art that are always in progress and no matter what dark days may fall upon us, we all hold light deep in our roots waiting to help us grow and bloom when we are ready.