Madagascar Single Bath Soak


SO YUMMY!!  Therapeutic and rejuvenating coconut milk aromatherapy formula to detoxify, cleanse and moisturize.  Organic and cruelty free and the most, most beautiful pale blue color.  

Organic Vegan Coconut Milk is cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, softening, soothing and smoothing!

French Yellow Clay is a very mild clay that is good for all skin types especially dry and sensitive skin.

Organic Honey is a natural antibacterial, and anti-aging for the reason that it's loaded with antioxidants. 

Organic Bananas are rich in antioxidants, potassium, vitamin A , B and zinc. This winning combination will help to improve the appearance of skin.

Butterfly Pea Flower is full of potent antioxidants and can help protect the skin against premature aging.

Organic Vanilla Bean has anti-aging skin benefits. Its soothing, aromatic, and rich in antioxidants; promotes healthy skin. 

Organic Bergamot  and Organic Ylang-Ylang remove impurities. Their lovely scents are intoxicating and blissful.

How to use: Empty contents into bath. Soak 15-20 minutes.


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