Minzaani Organic Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil


This "do it all" skincare nutrient will benefit any skin type or concern.  Overall reparative and anti-aging it helps to bring a healthy glow to dull or lackluster skin.

Cold-pressed from the seeds, this formulation uses 100% pure organic Rosehip Seed Oil which provides the following nutrients:

 --  O M E G A   6   +   3

supportive essential fatty acids that support barrier function, while moisturizing & softening the skin.

--  P H Y T O S T E R O L S

Plant sterols that support the protective lipid barrier. These compounds have been shown to encourage collagen synthesis and protect existing collagen.

 -- T R A N S - R E T I N O I C   A C I D

Also known as pro-vitamin A. A powerful, rejuvenating compound known to support both aging and acne-prone skin. Smoothes, beautifies, minimizes the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines & scarring.

-- L Y C O P E N E

An antioxidant carotenoid. Pacifies heat, harmonizes skin with the sun. 

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