About Us . . .

Studio Copal began as a holistic hair & skin care salon in 2015 by Kaci Minnick (Master Stylist, Embeautyment Practioner) and Stephanie Partin (Licensed Esthetician, Certified Holistic Nutritionist).  The concept was built around creating a beauty business based on whole wellness.  We work with our clients to not only achieve their external beauty goals, but to reach the realization that true beauty comes from an internal feeling of wellness, peace, and being comfortable within one's own skin.  This is a constant path of growth, realization, and acceptance ......throughout the years it has become so much more than just hair and skin.

What we have grown into is a brand that focuses on cultivating a healthy lifestyle and sense of self.  Our platform in the current environment is to offer our holistic hair services along with a collection of hand selected products to support this way of living.  We source thoughtful products from small companies who share our values of good ingredients and sound environmental practices.

These products are meant to enhance our everyday experience - promoting healthy self care, ritualistic beauty, and a home that nurtures and comforts us and those we love.

                                           this is how it all began . . .



July 2015 --

Some of our fondest memories - meaning Kaci (photo above - Tulum 2006) and I are the many moments we have spent on the coast of the Mayan Riviera in Mexico doing absolutely nothing for days . . . okay, not nothing.  Waking early for fresh squeezed fruit juice, spending the daytime hours with our toes in the sand, enjoying fresh from the sea ceviche for lunch (and maybe a cerveza or two) and laying on the beach at night under an endless blanket of stars intoxicated by the ancient scent of Copal incense burning in the distant jungle.  This was our busy daily agenda, sometimes for up to 10 days at a time, sheltered by a rustic, oceanfront cabana with no electricity.  Yes, that's no electricity.  No TV, cellphones, computers, air conditioning - nothing but the fresh sea air rustling through the palm trees and some good books and we LOVED it.  When the day came to head back to the noisy, bustling airport to return home it was always a somber one.

When we visualized the "vibe" for our space we wanted to recapture that.  Peaceful, relaxing, healing and naturally beautiful -- food for the soul, a healing breath of fresh air, and a purposeful and intentional pause.

We hope that our clients understand that we are so much more than just a hair and beauty salon.  Our stories will hopefully invite all who encounter them to consider, create, reflect and even giggle now and again.  The goal is to remind all of us to see the beauty in the small things we encounter every single day and know that all paths lead to this very moment.