Amethyst and Stirling Silver Sun Catcher


Handmade using raw Amethyst crystals on a 925 sterling silver chain, this Amethyst crystal sun catcher is the perfect addition welcoming crystal healing into your home. 

Designed with 4 different cuts of Amethyst, it adds color and texture to any room . . .

This sun catcher looks best when placed near a North facing window allowing the most natural sunlight (not direct) to be reflected back into your home, bringing peace and tranquility in your living space.  Amethyst relieves stress and strain on the body and is said to soothe irritability. Amethyst crystal can also be used to balance mood swings, it can dispel anger, rage, fear and is a great crystal to use for anxiety relief.  It is by far one of the most universal crystals.

Each crystal sun catcher comes lovingly gift wrapped in a branded Xander Kostroma black cotton canvas pouch ready to gift to a loved one, or to keep as a little treat for yourself.

Measures approx.: 30cm in length

Made from: 925 sterling silver, raw Amethyst