Berkley Green LEMON BLOSSOM All Purpose Cleaner


How about a eco-friendly household cleaner that smells like a bright, fresh sunny beach day??  YES PLEASE!   We are obsessed ......if you love the smell of our Baja Zen 'Sand' sugar scrub, this one is for you.   Also available in dish soap and laundry detergent.

USDA Biobased Certified All Purpose Cleaner works great on many different surfaces. It powers through the toughest stains, from tomato sauce to crayons, and grease while being gentle on the surfaces.

Lemon Blossom: Lively, refreshing aromas of essential oils. 

  • Lemon | Increases happiness, improves concentration, anti-bacterial properties
  • Jasmine| Promotes relaxation, antiseptic properties
  • Lime | Antibacterial properties