Berkley Green LEMON BLOSSOM Laundry Detergent


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Our new 25 ounce laundry concentrate is your same 100 ounce of laundry just with the water taken completely out. It stays fresher longer and works just as well. Berkley Greens Plant based laundry detergent contains enzymes strong enough to remove stains, dirt, sweat, blood, grass, and food stains.   Convenient pump dispensing bottle.

Smells like a sunny beach day!!  If you are a fan of our Baja Zen 'Sand' sugar scrub, this one is for you.

Enzymes: Protease removes protein stains, ice-cream, egg and yogurt. Amylase removes mashed potatoes, milk starches. Lipase removes grease, fried food. Mannanase removes processed foods, high sugar content food.

Lemon Blossom: Lively, refreshing aromas of essential oils. 

  • Lemon | Increases happiness, improves concentration, anti-bacterial properties
  • Jasmine| Promotes relaxation, antiseptic properties
  • Lime | Antibacterial properties