"Earthen" Complete Clay Facial Mask Kit

$3.00 $6.00

We've created this perfect little bundle to provide you with everything you need for an at home facial mask experience . . . Aneons "Rosy Glow" clay facial mask powder made with Moroccan lava clay and rose petal powder, a small white ceramic bowl for mixing, a small wooden spoon to portion and a flat facial brush for application.  All packed in a beautiful natural woven bag.  Brush, spoon and bowl can be washed and reused for future applications . . . the clay mask packet holds enough for 2-3 facial treatments.

Earth clays are a well rounded treatment for the skin -- they not only provide a deep pore cleansing benefit but also help to introduce nutrients and to remineralize the skin surface to create a radiant glow that only gifts from the earth can provide!

This would make a lovely small gift for someone who could use a little "me time" as well!!  Perfectly wonderful for all skin types.