Undone Smudge - ** STAFF PICK


A more sustainable way to smudge and enjoy burning your favorite herbs. Each bundle and jar is meant to conserve, to burn leaf by leaf rather than a full condensed smudge wand, enough for several different ceremonies.

Ojai white sage & wildflower smudge is used to cleanse and purify spaces and bodies. Burn as incense or use the aromatic smoke to clear a room from negative energy, allowing positive energy to reside.  This transformation is evidence of the spirit within substances. 

Handcrafted with what is locally & ethically available in our garden and wildly native to the Ojai Valley.  As the seasons change, so do the wildflowers and botanicals used, including lavender, daisies, black sage, sage brush, pineapple sage, California buckwheat, deerweed, lupine, bougainvillea, yarrow, hibiscus, and roses, just to name a few.   

We've bundled this in a pretty muslin bag with a box of our signature matches and a scallop shell for safe burning & blessing.